How to Secure a Dog in the Cargo Area of an SUV?

Car manufacturers design their vehicles to accommodate human passengers. There is no special seat for your pooch. The pet can enjoy the ride on the backside seat, but what if all seats are occupied? Can you carry the Fido in the cargo area of your SUV? Yes, you can!

Most SUVs offer spacious cargo areas. This space is offered to carry your luggage safely. The dog is a living being and it can get hurt when placed in the cargo space of the car. So, how to secure a dog in the cargo area of an SUV? Continue reading to find out the right technique! 

How to secure a dog in the cargo area of an SUV?

You can use a dog crate or a dog carrier to secure your pooch in your car. It will provide a safe space to sit and enjoy the ride. Things will get problematic only if you are moving on a bumpy road. 

People get seat belts and handle in the car to stay on the seat. The cargo area does not offer such solutions. Dogs cannot hold things to prevent bumps and collisions. Therefore, every dog is not comfortable in the cargo area. 

A dog crate will prevent the pooch from moving out of the cargo area. It might not offer the best protection against sudden movements. There are some other solutions you can try to protect your pooch. 

Zipline harness seat belt

You need a Zipline Harness Seat Belt if you got an overly energetic pet. It is designed to offer a safe way to keep the dog in a place. It can also protect your dog’s sudden movements in the car. Your pooch won’t become a heavy projectile if the car is moving fast. It will be able safe and perfectly contained in the cargo area. 

Most pet owners choose the Zipline Harness seat belt to prevent the dog from jumping and bumping. It’s effective, but not an ideal solution for calm and obedient dogs. 

Pet hammock

Dogs deserve a safe space to travel long distances. If you are carrying the pooch on a long road trip, buy a pet hammock. It provides your pet with a comfortable space on the backside of the car. You will have to fold the last row seats to set this hammock. It will fit a small or medium-size dog perfectly. 

You can also use this hammock with a harness. Thus, your pooch won’t jump back to the passenger seat. It will stay safe and well-protected against accidental bumps. Your dog can use this hammock to sleep and rest when not in the mood to play outside. 

Booster seats for dogs

This solution is best suited for small size dogs. You can use the booster seat in the main sitting area if you have a seat available for the pet. Suppose there is no sitting space, place the booster seat in the cargo area. It will keep your pet confined to the sitting area. The dog won’t be able to jump outside and damage other luggage. 

Remember, the dog booster seats are designed only to accommodate small breed dogs. Do not try to fit a medium or large size pet in this seat. Attach the seat to the backrest or the seat belt to keep it secure. 

Cargo area dog barrier

The cargo area of your SUV is perfect to accommodate medium and large breed dogs. You just need to secure it with a Cargo Area Dog Barrier. This barrier creates a blockade between the cargo space and rear seats of the car. As a result, the dog cannot jump back on the SUV’s seats. 

Your dog will not get restless because it will be able to see other passengers. You can communicate with the pooch whenever it is barking and keep it calm. It is the best way of securing a dog in the cargo area of an SUV. 

You can try this barrier to carry all types of dogs in an SUV. However, it is the best pick to entertain curious dogs. 

Impact-safe pet carrier

It is a heavy-duty dog crate designed to last for many years. Top brands use energy-absorbing materials to produce this dog crate. It ensures your pet’s safety during a long trip. You can place it in the cargo area of a hatchback, sedan, SUV, and station wagons. Large breed dogs can also enjoy a comforting ride in this pet carrier. 

A variety of impact-safe pet carriers are available on the market. Assess safety features and then place the order. Make sure the pet carrier will fit inside your car’s cargo area before you buy it! 

Can you secure a dog in the cargo area of a mid-size SUV?

It is inhuman to carry a pet in the car’s trunk. Suffocation can severely affect the pet’s health. It won’t be an issue if you got a mid-size SUV. The dog will get enough free space to sit comfortably and enjoy the ride. 

Some mid-size SUVs do not offer ample space in the cargo area to fit a dog carrier. You may need to fold the rear seats of the SUV to create some free space for the pooch. Your dog’s impact-safe crate will fit easily in the cargo area and your dog will enjoy the ride. 

You should not face any trouble in carrying the pet in a full-size SUV. This vehicle should offer more than enough space to carry the luggage and dog crate. You can also use the dog barrier to let your pet roam freely. It will face troubles only when you suddenly stop the car otherwise the dog will stay safe. 

Is it safe to carry a dog in the SUV’s cargo area?

It is not safe to put your pooch in the SUV’s cargo area if no leash is securing the pooch. Dogs can’t stay in the same place for hours. They feel confined and it irritates them. The pet will jump towards the rear seat when it feels boring. 

A dog crate or a zipline harness belt will prevent the dog from moving towards the passenger seat. It will protect the pet from accidental bumps and injuries. 

Experts recommend travelers take short breaks during the trip. Take the pet out, let it roam, run, and then get it back inside the car. It is the best way to keep the pet calm and prevent rude behavior.  You have learned how to secure a dog in the cargo area of an SUV. Try the best method to protect your pooch and enjoy the long drive.