Behaviourists and Trainers


All of the dog behaviour professionals listed here have signed a contract with the Dog Welfare Alliance to declare that they use only positive, reward-based methods in their work with dogs.You can click on their names to go straight to their websites.




                                                              Tania Welsh Sentient Dogs    



Laura Aitken


Vicky Alhadeff 




Tracie Allott, Kind Hands 4 Paws





Daniel Antolec, Happy Buddha Dog Training





Layne Arlina 




 Elaine Armstrong. Clix and Trix 





Freya Locke  Manager of the Dog Welfare Alliance






 Kay Attwood Kay9 Services






 Rhiannon Baars




Mike Barnett. Orion Dog Services 






Charlie Beldon. Canine Wildwalks 





Susan Berryman




 Jill Breitner, creator of the Dog Decoder smartphone app.





Jo Boyce. Canny Dog





Mark Bridger 




Emily Briggs




 Canine Behaviour UK. Andrew Howell



Stu Canavan, Canine Ethics




Lorraine Cook Paws4Ever




 Barry Coogan. Click2Treat Pawsitively K9





Caroline Cowan, Cardiff Canine Citizens 





Rick van Eggermond. All Positive Dog Training & Behaviour 






Elite Canine 





Allyson Giel






Andrew Hale. Train Positive 




Hairy Poppins Pet Nanny Service






Lisa Hird




 Tania Hoffman, Pet-Psy Cafe, Germany





 Lisa Hunt, Hunts Happy Hounds 





Lisbeth Borg de Waard, Innlandet Hundesenter  





 Karen Irwin





 Mary K Jackson, K-9 Perfection, LLC





Michelle Knight, 2econd Home





 Heather Lake. Zen Dog 





Debby Lovell





 Reah Macpherson






 Gemma McLaughlin. Canine Gems




Dale McLelland




 Kevin Motion, Borders Canine Training




Donna O'Keeffe. Canine Soul 






 Memory Layne Pets






June Pennell




 June Quinn, Lady Dog Whisperer





 Stacie Riggs, Stacie's Urban Dogs






 Luci Sanan, The Barkley




 Je-an Shields. Hampshire's Hounds





 Regina Keenan-Lindsey. Happy Paws





Theo Stewart





 Sarah Tapsell, All Paws Pets





 Southern Pet Services: Gavin and Jeanette






Lisa Tenzin-Dolma (founder of the Dog Welfare Alliance)




Karen Wallace, The Dogworks 





Sarah Western 





 Caroline Wilkinson





 Marie Yates





 Tamarah Charifzadeh